Fiscal Cliff

When are politicians going to wake up and smell the coffee? Everyone is posturing to see who’s dick is bigger than everyone else’s. What the American people wrought upon themselves is a House of Representatives of dumb-asses. When an un-educated electorate votes in Cletus McFuckWagon as a rep, who’s goal is to “kill” the US Government, the entire country suffers. It is so sad to see America decline like this. No decent person will run for congress anymore, because they will be seen as “moderate” and cannot be elected by the dumb-ass voters.

Congress needs to STFU or GTFO. There is no reason for someone over 400K a year to not pay a percent more for taxes. There is no reason that the biggest pile of waste, defense, could stand a little trimming back. These un-educated congressmen, need to be (in there parlance: edumacated) in how to govern.

Serious, there should be a constitutional amendment requiring all congresspeople to pass a basic civics test. Some of these fuckwads think Jesus wrote the constitution . Apparently they failed US history in school. (In fact, most of them want the Dept. of Education gone, so people will not actually be educated, so they can stay in congress, because dumb-asses beget dumb-asses).

The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.