I have been listening ot the band Ghost, lately. I had heard of them when they broke on the scene in 2010. I thought they were a black metal band from Sweden. As time whent on, I started listening to them more and more. While their lyrics are all Satan stuff, in reality, they are protesting religion in general. The music though, is written with many hooks to get you to keep coming back. It is not all dropped-tuned guitar and growling. They are many fine pieces that border on Prog and heavy rock. But those hooks. Very talented and tight group. Of course these guys have played together in other bands in the past (and no, I will not go into who I think they are, or discuss why they shield themselves, etc). Their live shows are to be considered theatric. They have gone through 3 incarnations of frontman, Papa Emeritus. (Same guy, different costumes/makeup/mask). They never disappoint. All I can say is that I really enjoy their music. Some of my favs:

  • Ritual (first album)
  • Year Zero (second album)
  • Secular Haze (second album)
  • Most of the third album
  • and from their Popestar EP:

  • Bible
  • Square Hammer
  • Stop whining, and do something

    Posting on Social media about your dissatisfaction with the election is not going to fix anything. Get out there. In 2 years the house is up for re-election. Find and fund candidates (good ones) and get them in the majority and throw out the bigotry and hate. Don’t just bitch and moan. Take it to them and take back your house. Doesn’t matter if you are republican or democrat. The current clown patrol in the house does not give a shit about your economic health. They want to give all the money to their big donors and leave you holding the bag. And the president-elect is cunning. Putting a white supremacist as an advisor is going to piss you off, so much, that you will ignore congress screwing you. This is because, you will be focused on the bigot. And you will all for the trap. The reason you all let them economically screw you, is you let them float shit that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and you focus on that, instead of why they are screwing you. Wake the fuck up. Stop watch Fox News, MSNBC, or reading conspiracy web sites. They are all designed to distract you from the boning the current and next congress is going to do to you.