An Extraordinary Life

We lost John Wetton on January 31st. In the 70s I had met John and had some conversations with him. I met John before he started his battle with alcohol, so I never really experienced anything that resulted from that. Long before Asia, I thought John was a extraordinary musician. When Asia formed in the early 80s, their first album was playing in a local record store. I said “That voice sounds so familiar”. Well it was John, and obviously he had spruce up his wonderful voice to something even better. In the past few years, we reconnected on social media. He was gracious, as he always had been back in the 70s. I know he fought a lot of demons, but he took control of his life and tried to put it back on track, and did a marvelous job. When I heard he had cancer, I was so proud he faced it with positivity. But I knew, he had a battle to fight, and he did a fantastic job, but cancer, sometimes, will win. I cried that day, because he made a difference in my life at a very young age. He lived an extraordinary life. Songwriter, bassist, guitarist, and pianist. His love for classical music and his love of football (soccer for you Americans) and his love for Lisa, kept him positive and fighting.


As I never experienced the dark times in his life, although I have heard of them, I am so glad I only experienced the young musician who was going to go places. And he did. 


Rip John. I miss you.


His words to live by:


Go seize the day, wake up and say, This is an Extraordinary Life. Enjoy today, come what may, This is an Extraordinary Life. – John Wetton.