Moving to Oregon!

Almost 4 years ago, we moved to Vashon, Island, Wa. We bought a gorgeous country house that had a huge kitchen with 2 islands, a 28 ft ceiling great room, an incredible master suite with his and hers bathrooms. It was the perfect entertaining house. We hosted a fall brunch every year, where we invited neighbors, island friends, and off island friends to come out and spend the morning/afternoon in the splendor of the house. We jokingly nick-named the place Vashon Abbey. It looks grand from the outside, and the detailed woodworking inside makes it a unique house on this island.


But alas, our experiment with island living has come to an end.

As a lot of you know, we started a business building HW modules for cellular + Machine 2 Machine based telemetry. The modules provide the basis of flowmeters, agriculture sensors, environmental sensors, etc. But alas, living on an island, it is hard to travel to your contract manufacturer at a whim, or to go to meetings where everyone does not have to wait in a ferry line (which in and of itself is a pain in the derrière).

So we decided to look at the Beaverton Oregon area. The company reasons were:

    1) Close to a number of Contract Manufacturers.

    2) A workforce pool that includes HW engineers and FW engineers.

    3) Better value office space.

The personal reasons are:

    1) Close to my son

    2) Closer to our place at the beach

    3) Closer to Oregon wineries. ( I love good pinot noir).


So we found a house in Beaverton, Oregon, up on a mountain near the south end. About the same size lot we have here, but less square footage in the house, but the space is more efficient, and it is one level. But the yard is like a park. And it is 6 miles from where my son lives, close to shopping, restaurants, etc. But the big thing is: NO FERRY. I am not against the Ferry System of Washington State, but when I moved to Vashon, I mostly worked at home. But now with our own business, and my team on west and east coasts, I need to be a bit more flexible in travel and such. The other good thing about Beaverton, is that there is light rail into Portland and to the airport. And if I need to come back up to Seattle, there is Amtrak. (I supposed I would come back up to spend time at Xcoders once every couple of months).

So there it is. Moving.