I am going to post this blog post that I found quite interesting. As a person who has been around since the days we would support 109 users in 256K of memory, I agree with a lot said here. (Spare me the ageism bullshit if you reply)

[Software disenchantment @ tonsky.me](http://tonsky.me/blog/disenchantment/)

Taken with the iPhone Xs camera. The bokeh is pretty amazing. This is Izzie. She is enjoying her couch blanket, which she finds to be adequate, given that the more layers are better for her comfort.

This one heck of a great Pinot Noir. Oregon is Pinot capital, along with Burgundy in France. If you are ever are in Carlton,Or, stop by the Carlton Winemakers Studio (sort of an incubator for new wineries), and try all the different startup wine makers product.

Today, my son Ian, and I went to this really awesome Indian restaurant in Hillsboro. It is so popular, the line formed  long before the opening at 11:30. We got there and were the second ones in. OMG. My curry craving is now satisfied. Such a great place. (Lots of Intel folk there, because not far from the facilities).

This was to celebrate Ian’s start of his final year at PSU, which he starts on Monday.

My girls fresh from the groomers being all festive with their fall pillows.

This came the other day, and it has been wonderful. I did have ALAC version before the actual CD arrived, so it has been played quite a bit.