We are closing on a house, next week, in the Boston area. It is a nice colonial that is about 3800 sq ft. The kitchen has been re-done is what I call ” My favorite style” Like the kitchen we had on Vashon Island, this one is designed for entertainment. Also, it is 2 miles from Interstates, state routes, etc. We discovered a coffee shack a couple of blocks away, and it is about a 6 min drive to where the office is supposedly re-locating in August. Right now it is 20 min from the existing office. Now the task is getting movers here, packing it, moving it and getting the two dogs book on the airline with us to head east.

We still have not sold the existing house in Oregon, but I imagine soon it will have an offer. We are priced right, and agent says it should move.

Still trying to sell the Willys Jeep Pickup. No one wants to pay money for something that is classic, especially when you are talking an 8k loss on it at the asking price. Sigh.

I am going to miss the Oregon coast. I am not going to miss Beaverton, Portland, or the state government. (they still owe us our tax refund)