One thing about having professional packers, packing your house: lots and lots of packing paper. So far, about three, 3ft piles of compressed flat sheet paper. Recycle trip today 😉

Luckily, someone wanted moving boxes and they have taken what we already unpacked.

So far, the New England summer has been tolerated by dual zone cooling (2 compressors, 2 furnaces), knowing that if the power goes out, we have a 20kw “whole house” natural gas-fired generator to keep it cool. (Which also keeps the wine cellar temp controlled).

Yet another Update

We have moved to New England. While our cars have arrived, our household goods are still not arriving till next week.

The dogs did well in the pressurized cargo hold in their airline crates. The first night sleeping here was weird, because they were in unfamiliar surroundings, but last night, they slept through the night and love roaming the empty house.

Right now, Stef and I are surviving with 2 camping chairs, a queen size mattress and some inexpensive utensils for cooking, etc