My flirting with is over.

I have gone to a free account on I  still have not figured out what use I can make of it. I tried posting little quips, but no one seems to respond and it seems like it is a vast emptiness you write to. Maybe if I set it up on my own server, it might make sense, but paying 5 dollars a month for something I hardly use seems to be a waste. Maybe someone can explain to me the benefits of it. Ciao.


Seas of Faces leaving places,
Racing Emptiness one by one.
Facing Skywards to bold horizons
Shooting vapor tails at the sun
There’s nothing to declare, this race is run
We never even cared, we came undone

Idlewild, you’re not the only one.
For pity’s sake these fake goodbyes you offer everyone
And Idlewild, no time to come undone
The bitter truth is blinding you for staring at the sun.