Social Media Pains



I have been thinking of doing this for a while, but I want to quit Facebook and Instagram. I am tired of having my data sold. I am also thinking of quitting Twitter. I will not quit Twitter all they way, as I do maintain an account that is for a hobby I have been doing for over 40 years.

I joined Facebook back in the days when I worked on the Rhapsody Music service, we had built a Facebook app for Rhapsody. So, I joined FB to use and help test it.

Around 2007, I also joined Twitter. Over the past 12 years, I have gained almost 1000 followers, which for me, is crazy.

The downside of quitting FB and Instagram is the friends and acquaintances I have enjoyed on those services. So, over the next 30 days, I am going to be finding other ways people can stay in touch and know what is going on in my life.

Currently, I hang out on Mastodon, a federated social network. The federation is, having multiple instances, with focus on individuals needs and likes. The good thing, is if an instance and the people on that instance become unbearable, you can individually block them, or block the whole instance. That way you will not see them in your follow timeline, the local timeline or the global timeline. My username is, because I am on an instance that is hosted by folks in Portland. The main entry is You can go there, if you want a general instance. I just happen to be on a city specific one. Here is thing. You can change instances and get your things forwarded to you (not followers, however, they will be notified if you move if they mention you in a “Toot”. (Mastodon calls the posts Toots).

If you do not have my email address, you can use the contact form on my website , here.

Also, I have this blog. In addition, I also post to this blog from . is exactly what it sounds like, a micro blog. When I post there, it shows up in my main blog as an aside post. Usually a small amount of text or a photo of what I am thinking or doing. You can follow this blog to see everything, or just read my microblog posts here.

I also maintain a blog for my hobby. It is an Amateur Radio blog. On there I talk about the hobby I have grown up with, and was the catalyst for getting into electronic warfare in the military, and for my career in electronics, computers, etc. It is here.  My call sign is KD1IT.

I am working on a replacement for Instagram. I hope to have an answer on that soon.

Basically, I am trying to rid myself of corporate owned social media, and focus on owning my content, and not having my data sold to enrich corporations, or enable the enemy to thwart our democratic process.

I had a quick discussion with Jean MacDonald last night at a gathering of Cocoa developers in Portland. She said she was leaving FB, too. I recommend reading her blog for her reasons for leaving.

I am sure, through all of this, I will lose contact with people. And I will be sad for that, but also, I need to get away from the toxicity of Twitter, the lying and deception of FaceBook Management, and the general discourse with mainstream social media.

So, you have options to follow me, message me, etc. If you want my phone number, or Skype name, feel free to send an email. If you want to use locked down secure/encrypted email, well I have that too. 

This is the first of many changes I will be doing this year. I intend to address my metal health by disposing of toxic social media, my physical health by eating better and exercising, and other things I will be doing to make myself, and my family happier.