Got a Nespresso and am loving it. It is the newer technology with the various size pods. So nice to have an espresso or a nice strong coffee after lunch without the mess of setting up an espresso maker. Plus, George Clooney will be happy when he visits.

Setting the way back machine. 🎵Soft Machine – “Hazzard Profile ot1”

Friday was my birthday. I wanted it to be a low key event. I did not do work that day, which is unusual, as I haven’t had a day off in a long while. My wife got me some really nice gifts. She is awesome. All in all, another year around the sun, complete. Now back to life.

🎵Downriver Dead Men Go – “Departures”🎵

Yesterday, I received my Luna Display. This one is USB-C based. Plugged it into my rMBP, and hooked a USB-C to Lightning cable to my 12.9″ iPad pro, and now I have a nice 2 screen setup for when I am out of office. Performance is damn good.

Sanguine Hum’s new album “Now We Have Power is out. Check it out.

I am going to post this blog post that I found quite interesting. As a person who has been around since the days we would support 109 users in 256K of memory, I agree with a lot said here. (Spare me the ageism bullshit if you reply)

[Software disenchantment @](

Taken with the iPhone Xs camera. The bokeh is pretty amazing. This is Izzie. She is enjoying her couch blanket, which she finds to be adequate, given that the more layers are better for her comfort.