🎵 “Handel: Awake the Trumpet’s Lofty Sound in D major from Samson” by Hannes, Läubin, & Preston

First substantial rain we have had here, since April. It has been a long dry summer. Winter is coming…

Working on LoRaWAN designs this week while we wait for our pass 2 CAT M1/NB-IoT

Heading to the Andrew Will Winery open house this weekend on Vashon, Island.

Back on Microblog. But this time, it is only status posts to my normal blog. I decided that my thoughts would be fine sitting in 280 chars. SO the timeline on Micro.blog, will only contain “status” messages posted on my main blog.

Test post to WP via Mars Edit to see if it posts to Micro.blog

Debugging small HW

At work, we got back our 0.9” x 2.0” CAT M1/NB-IoT sensor platform. We found a couple of small errors. One, the caps on the RTC crystal are the wrong value, and a missing 100K pull down on a MCU line. Other than that ok. With 6mil VIAs and 6 Mil traces, there is NO room for error. Even our JTAG connector is tiny. The modem, of course, takes up most of the top board space, but we also have components on the back side like GNSS receiver, MCU, level converter from 1.8v <-> 3.3v (modem and GNSS run at 1.8v). Fun stuff.

My flirting with Micro.blog is over.

I have gone to a free account on Micro.blog. I  still have not figured out what use I can make of it. I tried posting little quips, but no one seems to respond and it seems like it is a vast emptiness you write to. Maybe if I set it up on my own server, it might make sense, but paying 5 dollars a month for something I hardly use seems to be a waste. Maybe someone can explain to me the benefits of it. Ciao.